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Main Jet. The main jet regulates the amount of fuel mix made available to the engine at high RPM (3/4 to full throttle). Thus a too small diameter of the main jet may result in low performance. This goes specifically for all type of tuned engines, even if same cubic size. Please check the manufacturer specs for the genuine jet size. This is the official Weber carburettor tuning manual. It is brand new with 92 pages of technical & tuning advice, specifications, jetting charts & exploded diagrams. If you own any type of performance Weber carburettor this is a must have. Full expoded diagrams of DCOE, DCO/SP, IDF, DCNF & IDA are included.

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Tuning recommendations and jet kits are available. In the Mikuni specific jets meter fuel for various throttle openings. Compared to a sidedraft weber, tuning is much simpler, cheaper and more direct since there are no emulsion tubes, replaceable venturies or the need to guess as to what the result of a change will be. Weber's tile grouts, under Gecko trademark, certified in accordance with European norms (EN) Weber has a wide product portfolio and different detail solutions for waterproofing applications that...The control module next to the battery was tested and they said it did not work right. My question is, should I try to restore everything, lines hoses etc emission controls or should I remove the carb and get a weber or some other carb and forget all the i & M stuff.. thanks [email protected] (10/4/2013) Most AFB & AVS carburetors will have matching jets in the primary and then matching jets in the secondary. The Weber marine, 4 barrel is an exception to this. The jets can be a different size one each side of the carburetor. To compensate for higher altitude, change your jet .002 for over 5,000 feet.

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Weber IDF Jetting Chart. This Jetting Chart provides a base line starting point provided by CB Performance.Weber Tuning Manual, By WEBER 950000.54 This book has an exceptional chart on the Weber emulsion tubes (all models). This is the best weber book out there currently for the Weber IDF, ICT, IDA, DCNF, and DCOE carburetors. Weber Tuning Manual, By WEBER - Volkswagen Aircooled.Net ... Weber's tile grouts, under Gecko trademark, certified in accordance with European norms (EN) Weber has a wide product portfolio and different detail solutions for waterproofing applications that...

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Sep 07, 2006 · Discussions with people who have successfully implemented multi-Weber installations, it seems that the key issue to resolving the Weber's lack of popularity amongst amateur tuners is the cam. Matching the cam to the Webers appears to be of prime importance, because then nominal jetting can be used. Nov 01, 2001 · Re: CFM of Weber 38 mm 32/26 flows 400, 38 flows 450cfm. A couple of other 2-barrel carbs can compete, like the MC 2100 (up to 500 I believe), and some Holleys ( they also reach 500 cfm.)